Barack & Yingluck: The new global power couple?

Were we the only ones that noticed the chemistry between Barack and Yingluck Sunday night at their joint press conference at Government House?

Apparently not, because Gawker has already picked up on the romance that was in the air that warm night – simply by looking at photos.

Meanwhile, the UK’s ever-so accurate Daily Mail went so far as to say US President Barack Obama was “practicing a new brand of foreign relations, appearing to flirt with Thailand’s attractive prime minister” during his whistlestop visit to Bangkok.

What is all this promiscuous chitter-chatter about? Like we said, your humble coco-correspondents couldn’t help but to notice something “special” between the Commander and Chief and the Thailand’s first female prime minister at Sunday’s press conference.

Barry looked like a high school senior on his prom date. Excited, hormonal, and having a little bit too much fun. Yingluck, for her part, remained ladylike but was definitely charmed and occasionally shot sultry glances at The Prez.

Barry even barged in on a question for Yingluck and threw his two cents in before she could answer, telling the nasty reporter that he wasn’t going to let Yingluck be “put on the spot.”

What a hero.

To be honest, we don’t blame him. For a guy that’s used to hobnobbing with leaders like Chris Christie, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, and Hillary Clinton, Yingluck must have been an invigorating breath of jasmine-scented fresh air.

Same with Thailand as a whole – Obama probably has a higher approval rating here than every state in the Bible Belt and he seemed to relish the adoration after the long and dirty slog of a US election campaign.

He then went on to Burma, where he was caught on camera giving a full-on smooch to opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Barack may have some explaining to do to Michelle when he gets back to the White House…


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