Purse-stealing motorbike-taxi imposter on rampage in Ari

Best clutch those clutch-bags and stow them totes tight, especially around Ari.

An Ari resident was dragged more than 100 meters last week down Soi Ari 5 by a thief attempting to steal her purse, according to her account of the story. The woman lived to tell the tale, sharing photos of bruises and wounds on Pantip which has left her terrified.

The victim reveals she was returning to her condominium in Soi Ari 5 at 9:30pm on Nov. 1. Before the incident, a police car stopped by and asked where she was going. The woman was surprised by the police patrolling but did not receive any warnings from the officer. Right after the police car passed, a thief on motorcycle grasped the woman’s purse, causing her to fall hard to the ground. Her arm was stuck in its strap, but that didn’t stop the thief from driving on, dragging the woman’s body down the soi. She screamed and tried to free her arm but failed. Only when another vehicle approached did the cowardly thief release her.

She tried to get a look at her assailant but all she can recall was that he wore an orange motorcycle-taxi vest.

In the comment section, a man reveals his girlfriend’s purse was stolen in the same night at 10pm by a motorcycle taxi. The man says he was with his girlfriend in Soi Ari 4 when the thief snapped her purse. He claims the thief was probably the same one who dragged and pulled the woman earlier.

Another user also reported that a thief broke his brother’s car and stole three laptops at night in that same soi.

The woman went to Bangsue police station to record her case after she was treated in the hospital. The authorities reveal thieves in Ari have been rampaging lately, with more than one case per night. The woman says authorities are still tracking down the Ari thief.

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