Protesters tell US ambassador to “go home”

ABOVE: US Ambassador to Thailand Glyn T. Davies. Photo: Reuters

And you thought you had it tough in your job.

Around 200 people turned up to a protest today at the US Embassy against the new ambassador, just nine weeks into his role.

Led by famous firebrand Thai Buddhist monk Luang Pu Buddha Issara, the protesters held placards saying “This is Thailand, not the USA” and “Go, Go Home” as they accused envoy Glyn T. Davies of seeking to meddle in their affairs, AFP reported.

Some wonderfully welcoming protesters were captured on video yelling, “USA get out!”

They were angered by his comments at a talk at Bangkok’s Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand on Wednesday in which he expressed US concern over “the lengthy and unprecedented prison sentences handed down by Thai military courts against civilians” for breaching a defamation law.

Davies also expressed worries about the increasing use of criminal defamation laws in stifling public debate.

Nationalist monk Issara condemned Davies and his “pressure to make us change” the law.

“You have no right and no power…we are not slaves of the US,” he said.

Relations between Thailand and the US have been strained since last year’s coup, which Washington strongly condemned. 

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, when asked about Davies’ comments, didn’t exactly give the envoy a helping hand.

“It’s up to him [Davies]. Next time don’t send anyone to talk about trade with me then,” he said.

Well…enough said about famous Thai hospitality, eh?

Story: AFP/ Coconuts Bangkok

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