Pro-Junta party, Democrats lead in Bangkok voting rerun

oters queue up again to vote in a repeat poll Sunday in Phetchabun province. Photo: Election Commission

The Phalang Pracharat and Democrat parties were neck-in-neck at the ballot box in the one Bangkok constituency which held a second round of voting yesterday, according to exit polls.

Nearly half of the 802 eligible voters in the Bang Kapi district – 370 – showed up to cast their votes anew in one of six polling do-overs following last month’s chaotic election. Phalang Pracharat and the Democrats each received 96 votes, followed by the Pheu Thai and Future Forward parties.

Voters will return to polls in several provinces

Though the Election Commision has not explained why the repeat voting was necessary, suspicions have flow online that the strong backlash against its mishandling of the poll was a factor.

#BallotsRebornInBox: Thai Election Commission announces unofficial results, netizens outraged by suspect numbers

Election officials today again said that  final results will be released by May 9, just after coronation ceremonies are concluded.

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