Police chief Somyot yells at reporter for ‘scapegoat’ question (VIDEO)

When in doubt, remember to question someone’s patriotism.

Police Chief Somyot Poompanmoung yelled at a reporter Saturday afternoon when asked if the police had arrested a scapegoat for the Bangkok bombing.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference about the arrest of the suspect at an apartment in Nong Chok district Saturday, Somyot’s moment of glory was interrupted by a bold reporter who said what many were thinking.

“I’d like to tell the Thai people. We have caught a suspect and found a lot of evidence!” Somyot said.

“Did you catch a scapegoat?” the unknown reporter said.

“Just go somewhere else if you want to talk about catching a scapegoat,” Somyot said. “Which publication are you from? You’re not creative at all! Are you Thai?! People are enjoying the good atmosphere here.”

Somyot then promptly ended the press conference, adding no information could be revealed at that time.

The arrest is the authorities’ first major success after the bombing on Aug. 17 that killed 20 people and injured a hundred others.

Over 100 officers raided Poon Anan apartment on Saturday afternoon and arrested a foreign man after they found bomb-making materials in his room, including ball bearings that could have been used in the attack at Ratchaprasong Junction on Aug. 17.

Police say the man has been “uncooperative”. He is believed to be part of a people-smuggling and passport forgery gang who might have hit back against authorities after a series of raids.

Photo: Matichon

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