Pole Position: Woman throws sexy MRT performance (VIDEO)

There she was, sliding, spinning and smiling around the pole without any soundtrack until the end of her show when the soothing voice entoned, “Next station … Sam Yan.”

A video of a woman pole-dancing on an MRT train has been featured by several media outlets today because this is Thailand and because the woman, who is obviously a professional dancer, proudly posted video of it online yesterday.

“Another video! I was on my way to Pahurat. I didn’t think about it at first, and then I saw the pole,” she wrote. “Not many people were around too. With the spirit of a pole dancer, I threw my phone at a friend, so she could record me.”

The dance lasted about the time it takes between stations.

“Everyone in the train looked at me like ‘Why the hell is she dancing?’ LOL. When I sat down again, nobody dared looking at me or said a word. What is that supposed to mean?!”
Here are a few possible answers:

a) We’re in Bangkok, where pole dancing is not exactly an unheard of art. It’s seeing like those guys B-Boy on Khaosan Road. Ten may stop to look, and a few may put in some coins or clap.

b) No blood. She didn’t hit her head at the end.

c) They didn’t wanna give her the attention she was seeking.

d) Even if they liked what they saw, they were probably too shy and frantically went swiping through Tinder to find her instead. Since when to people talk to each other on public transportation? We don’t have all these smartphones for nothing.

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