Patong Police investigate reports of gay British couple raped and robbed

Patong Police confirmed to the The Phuket News today they are investigating reports that a British couple were raped and robbed while on New Year’s holiday in Phuket.

The news broke on Saturday, when the BelfastLive reported that Gerald Drumgoole and his husband Michael Burnett were attacked on a night out in Phuket after their drinks were spiked.

The couple, both 33, returned to Belfast last Wednesday before undergoing medical tests with their own doctor, who confirmed they had been raped, said the report.

“It has just been a very traumatic time for both of us… We have had to be tested for HIV and given an HPV vaccine and tested for syphilis,” Drumgoole told the BelfastLive.

The married couplealso had their iPhones and more than £400 in cash stolen during the attack, said the report.

In a face-to-face interview with The Phuket News yesterday, Patong Police Chief Col. Chaiwat Uikam said he had not received from his officers any official reports of the men’s rape or robbery.

“I have but of course I have heard the news. After the news came out, every police station in Phuket started checking,” he said.

“Rest assured, I am looking into it,” he added.

British daily newspaper The Sun reported the pair said they had tried to report the incident to police.

“The police in Phuket just laughed when we reported our attack,” one of the explained, said the report.

“It seems that kind of thing happens regularly,”it added.

However, Col Chaiwat said that his officers had so far confirmed that the two men were stayinat the Blue Sky Resort Patong.

“They checked out of the hotel on Jan 7,” he said.

“We confirmed that the two men were Michael Anthony Burnett, who entered Thailand on a Polish passport, and Gerald Maurice Drumgoole, a British national,” Col Chaiwat explained.

“However, the staff at hotel said they were not informed by anyone that any of their guests had reported being raped and robbed, or even assaulted,” he added.

Col Chaiwat confirmed that his officers had even checked the hospitals in Phuket to corroborate the reports.

“Phuket International Hospital reported that Michael and Gerald were there on Jan 5 to have blood tests done. Apparently Gerald also had a small wound on his right hand,” he explained.

However, Patong Police have been unable to confirm any more details, Col Chaiwat said.

“We are still investigating this and we will continue to do so until we find out the truth,” he assured.

“We have contacted with British Embassy to ask whether the news reports are accurate or not. We are still waiting for the British Embassy to formally reply to us,” Col Chaiwat said.

Story: The Phuket News

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