Pageant fans are pissed that top model was not crowned Miss Universe Thailand

Thai pageant fans have expressed their dismay on social media after the anticipated beauty contest did not crown Thai top model Kusuma “Kung” Chawdon as the new Miss Universe Thailand on Saturday night.

Much like the Philippines, rooting for beauty pageants is a favorite pastime in Thailand, and things got ugly when the committee announced  Chalita “Namtan” Suansane, 21, a science student from Samut Prakarn, as the new Miss Universe.

Kusuma, who people said performed well in the contest, did not even make it to the top five.

Kusuma walks the stage in a blue bikini. Photo: Miss Universe Thailand

The model is signed with Wilhelmina New York and works mostly in the U.S. She has also been featured in campaigns for domestic designer brands such as Issue, TheOddyssee and CPS.

Kusuma “Kung” Chawdon. Photo:

Over the weekend, unhappy hardcore pageant fans flocked to leave comments on the official Facebook page of Miss Universe Thailand. Many demanded a press conference on why Kusuma was not crowned the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.

“I give up my respect for this pageant contest. You hurt the feelings of all pageant fans around the world. People around the world think Kung deserves the title, but you ditched her! You have to issue a statement! Why did Kung not make it to top five? All pageant fans are ready to throw a bomb at you,” Tararat Brown said.

The most disturbing thing about the comment was not Tararat speaking for pageant fans “around the world,” or his casual bomb threat, but the fact this is the top comment that has over 200 likes.

“I feel sorry for Kusuma “Kung” Chawdon. The judges were blind. You need to change the whole panel. RIP,” Alisa Martini commented.

Some people said the situation reminded them of the pageant drama in 2014 where the winner Weluree “Fai” Disayabut was bullied online for being “fat” to the point she became an internet meme, forcing her to give up the title.

Just like a common girl, our 2016 winner has always dreamed of being a beauty queen, following her mom’s footstep who also competed in pageants.


A photo posted by Chalita Suansane (@namtanlitaa) on

Chalita told Kapook Miss Universe Thailand was her first pageant contest to compete and that she prepared for it by learning to talk and smile in order to improve her personality. She also had to lose weight.  

Chalita will be competing in the global Miss Universe contest, which is rumored to be hosted in Manila. So, good luck.

Yesterday Chalita also posted a photo she took with Kusuma to prove the two are no rivals. Chlita also wrote she will do her best to complete both of their dreams.


A photo posted by Chalita Suansane (@namtanlitaa) on


A photo posted by Chalita Suansane (@namtanlitaa) on


A photo posted by Chalita Suansane (@namtanlitaa) on


Fatness, politics, and weeping: This year’s scandalicious Miss Thailand Universe

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