Owen Wilson accused of supporting whistle-blowing protester

With political passions running high, it seems anything can end up turning into an argument.

Today, it’s Hollywood actor Owen Wilson, who’s found himself caught up in the Thai political debate.

Wilson is being accused of siding with anti-government protesters since a photo of him wearing a whistle with a Thai-flag strap wrapped around his neck went viral on Thai social networks.

Wilson himself was in Thailand in November for the shoot of his action-thriller movie The Coup.

According to various Thai publication, Wilson has asked his friends in Thailand to inform the press that the Thai fan who asked him for a photo gave him the whistle as he strapped on his neck, thinking it was a souvenir, not a symbol of Thailand’s government hatred.


Owen Wilson escapes fire from ‘The Coup’ set in Lampang

Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan safe after fire on ‘The Coup’ set

Photo: Twitter @Wiseknow


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