Opposition leader calls for public rally at Bangkok skywalk

Photo: Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit / FB
Photo: Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit / FB

Thailand’s embattled opposition leader called Friday afternoon for the public to show its support by rallying tomorrow downtown.

After the Election Commission petitioned for his Future Forward Party to be dissolved, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit called for people frustrated by attempts to sideline and dismantle the reformist party to “make some noise” on the elevated walkway in front of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

“If you agree that this is the time people must stand up and fight, if you agree that this is the time to make some noise because we can’t take it anymore, please show up at 5pm tomorrow, Dec. 14, at the skywalk over Pathumwan Junction,” Thanathorn tweeted, adding the now-trending hashtags #IWon’tBackOffIWon’tEndure and #WhyShouldWeBeAfraid

On Wednesday, the Election Commission ruled that Thanathorn broke the rules by loaning money to his party and said it would forward a petition for its dissolution to the Constitutional Court. 

That court has, since its inception, undone a series of past opposition parties disfavored by the military establishment.

Under the junta, public gatherings deemed political were banned for over five years. Occasional protests and calls for the restoration of democracy struggled to attract large numbers. 

Just this week, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand canceled under pressure a pro-democracy group’s press conference announcing a nationwide run next month against dictatorship.


Future Forward ‘unafraid’ of petition to dissolve party 


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