The one that got away: Thai sugar daddy seeks police help after girl (and cash) depart

Photo: Sanook

You can’t get a refund for passion.

A Thai uncle in southern Songkhla province has sought help from police after a woman 24 years his junior disappeared after he’d given her all of his money.

The 64-year-old, who has not been named, asked police to help him after the woman he fancied — and emptied his bank account for — stopped picking up her phone.

The man told cops he met a 40-year-old woman at the Hat Yai train station about two weeks ago, and they hit it off right away. Before she disappeared, he had been giving her free rides, Sanook reported.

What’s more, when she had a motorbike accident, he was the person who paid for her THB14,000 (about US$470) in medical bills — that’s all of his savings.

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But after getting to play the knight shining armor, he got no happily ever after. Instead, she was gone.

Police called the woman, who picked up the phone this time. She explained that she didn’t “rip him off,” but simply accepted a generous offer, which, if you think about it, is more or less the truth.

What’s more, she told police she doesn’t have money to return to him given that it was spent on medical bills.

In the end, police dutifully recorded his sour love story, then sent him home as he has no actual legal recourse for having his soft hard (and head) taken advantage of.

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