‘Nostradamus’ warns of earthquake doom for Thailand

Another self-proclaimed Thai Nostradamus warns the nation will be split into pieces by the most devastating earthquake ever despite science and officials urging him to just please shut up.

The earth experts of the Department of Mineral Resources asked the public to ignore a wave of fear-mongering that recent quakes in the south of Thailand are only the beginning of a cataclysm for Thailand.

While moderate temblors in the 2-to-4.6 magnitude range were felt last week in Krabi, Phang Nga and Phuket provinces, the department’s Director-General Supot Jermsawatdipong encouraged everyone to chill out – and tune out – on the proclamations of doom from all two-bit oracles.

Meanwhile, Sorajja Nualyoo, or “Nostradamus” as he prefers to be called, said the three “stars” of Saturn, Rahu and Uranus have aligned in a really shitty way for the country. He said the whole country is going to shake, starting in the north, some time between Saturday and July 12, when the biggest earthquake in history will hit the kingdom.

“The previous big earthquake was centered outside the country, but this time the epicenter will be inside our home,” Sorajja said. “I have seen this coming since the beginning of this year. The government must educate citizens because we have never handled this kind of catastrophe before.”

Also, in Phuket, some locals are freaking the hell out because they believe the appearance of purple jellyfish means some bad seismological voodoo is afoot, according to The Phuket News. Officials might consider pointing out the frequent forecasts of armageddon from so-called fortune tellers and mystics routinely pass without incident.

Supot however said the quakes were natural and originated from the Khlong Marui active faults that cuts across Surat Thani province and the edge of Phuket province. The seismic activity of this fault is insufficient to cause anything beyond a Magnitude 5 quake.

Boorin Vejbanterng, Deputy Director of Thai Meteorological Department, said Thailand wouldn’t be seriously affected by a large scale earthquake because the most active faults are far away. However, the organization is monitoring eight active faults in the north.

The Department of Mineral Resources is coordinating with the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation offices in the 23 provinces at risk of an earthquake, from the Andaman Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, to increase awareness. Evacuation drills are underway to prepare for an earthquake or tsunami, in order to limit public panic in such an event.

Research shows that waves from an Andaman Sea event would take between one hour and 20 minutes to two hours to reach the seashore, NNT and Khaosod reported.

Photo: Thairath TV


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