No bum play: Massive lion snaps at shirtless Brit tourist that touches his butt (VIDEO)

A British tourist was recently snapped at by a 400-pound lion when he entered the chained animal’s cage to pose for an ill-advised photo that he’ll probably try to use on a dating site.

Robbie Gaine, 29 from Wales, UK, decided to put on sports shorts, sneakers and a weird straw hat to go to a zoo at an undisclosed location in Thailand.

The 1:13 clip shows Gaine entering the grim-looking cage and standing beside the lion, which is tethered on a two-foot chain.

While we can’t understand everything Gaine is saying in the video due to his heavy accent, he does seem to strut around saying, “Nothing to see here,” comparing himself to Steve Irwin and calling the lion a favored English swear that rhymes with “runt.” Charming.

But he loses his cool in a hurry when he pisses the lion off.

Before he can get his prized photo, he appears to reach down behind the lion and touch its butt. Then, he seems very surprised when the lion turns its head and snaps at him. Gaine loses his bravado very quickly and backs out of the cage in a hurry. The only problem is that he exits on the wrong side and is in the lion’s sleeping area. Though Gaine is now terrified, he is told that he needs to re-enter the cage and exit on the other side to get back to his friends.

The Thai staff try to cajole him to re-entering the cage as he cowers outside of it, they tell him that he can’t remain on that side of the cage. His friend, who is holding the camera, tries to convince him that he can walk through the cage to get back. Gaine declares that he “can’t walk past that!”

Seems like he’s the “runt” to us.

In his defense, The Mirror identifies Gaine as a professional boxer so he’s probably been hit in the head a lot.

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