Welcome to Buffalo Horn House!

Kan Bathan loves buffaloes and he has stored parts of his deceased four-legged friends in his house in Chonburi Province.

According to Dailynews, Kan’s 60-year-old, two-story wooden home is not used only for residential purpose but also serves as a storage facility for over 50 buffalo skulls. Every skull is in good condition and some horns span up to 150 centimeters.

The 55-year-old former buffalo jockey said that he used to take the animals to compete in running races. After the deaths of his mammal companions, Kan decided to keep their parts as reminders of the deep affection he once had for them. Previously, he had collected up to 200 pieces of bone, but gave three-fourths of them to his friends and relatives.

“From time to time, foreigners come to offer THB10,000 to 50,000 for a skull,” said the professional buffalo runner who grabbed the crowns from over a hundred competitions.

Apart from the horns, Kan’s house displays well-preserved ancient farming tools such as carts, harrows and a 300-year-old casket.

“I will turn my house into an exhibition to make youths and the public realize how important buffaloes are to us,” says Kan. “It will also remind them of rice farming and its valuable traditions.”

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