Water4Thai: Government launches flood-monitoring iPhone/iPad app

Thailand’s Office of National Water and Flood Management Policy (ONWF) has launched a new iPad and iPhone app providing up-to-date information on the country’s water situation: Water4Thai.

The application is available in the English language, although a lot of the content such as daily reports and “heavy rainfall areas” is in Thai. However, weather charts, rainfall reports, water levels, dam and reservoir reports and daily tides are all in English.

There is also a CCTV option that allows you to view live footage of waterways around the country.

The ONWF was “mandated to operate a one-stop service center for flood management and to coordinate and support relevant government services” in order to streamline government bureaucracy, the Office said.

In the wake of last year’s floods, Bangkokians fear that the same may happen again this year, with flooding already happening in various parts of the country. Streets have flooded, causing travel delays and traffic jams during recent downfalls.

ONWF acting secretary Supoj Towichukchailkul said that the flooding was due to clogged sewer pipes, the Nation reported.

For those wanting up-to-date reports and an electric eye on the kingdom’s waterways, the app is available for free download on the Apple App Store.

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