Thonburi: Four killed in shooting over stolen motorbike

Four men died in Bangkok in a shootout over the theft of a motorcycle Friday night.

Metropolitan Police found the deceased while responding to reports of shootings in both the Chom Thong and Thonburi districts of Bangkok. Both Pitikorn Buakhamsi, 22, and Akarapong Kantarain, 18, were found at the scene of the Thonburi violence, the victims of multiple, 9mm gunshot wounds.

Police found the body of Somchai Petchpankan later, while investigating the complaints in Chom Thong.

Two other victims, Wanat Chuenchom and Narakorn Suthipho, sustained bullet wounds but were rushed to hospitals and appeared in stable condition as of Friday night. Watanyu Suwankiet was also found wounded, but later declared dead at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital.

Though sources close to the victims have painted a murky picture of the motivations behind the violence, police are operating under the assumption that the victims were gunned down by a group of men in retaliation for the theft of one of the attackers’ motorcycles, the Bangkok Post reported.


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