New York artists light up Siam Center

Lighting up in the middle of Siam Center shopping mall is the 10-meter tall Christmas tree by the famous New York artist team “SOFTlab,” who chose Bangkok as their first city to display their work in Asia.

The world-class installation “INvertical” is a collaboration of award-winning artists: Michael Szivos, Elizabeth Anne, and Alexandra Mikaela Marla who turned the Siam Center shopping mall into a live studio and created the Christmas tree during shopping hours within five days.

Siam Center has also allowed design students from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Univeristy and Silapakorn University to work with the artists under the project.

The “INvertical” is a Christmas tree built from Mila plastic, the material the artists created specifically for the project. 1,400 LED lights have been installed for the tree to light up the entire mall.

“INvertical” will be displayed on the first floor, Atrium Zone of Siam Center until April 1.

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Photos: Siam Center


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