New sex pills developed by Chulalongkorn

Once again, Thailand’s elite university earns its distinction as “Pillar of the Kingdom.”

A Chulalongkorn University researcher announced today they’ve developed a new herbal medicine to boost gentlemen’s sex drive, after three and a half years of hard work and fun experimentation, that’s way better than Viagra.

That’s because it contains only natural ingredients, claims Pharmacist Phon-Anong Aramwit of the Faculty of Pharmacy Science, which merely enhance blood stimulation.

Apparently a little Black Galingale, Chive seeds, Safflower and honey is enough to return happiness to one’s slouching little brother.

In the experiments, subjects with low-to-medium sex drives have shown positive results without exhibiting any side effects. The medicine only lasts three-to-four hours, unlike Viagra which can remain in the body as long as 72 hours and result in irregular heartbeat, chest pain and nausea, state-media reported.

Photo: Tinypic

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