Ministry of Defence begs ‘hackers’ to stop attacking govt websites

The websites of several government agencies went down after simple cyber attacks yesterday. The attacks were the most elementary of their kind, they entail that a large group of netizens simply plan to repeatedly refresh the websites at exactly the same time.

The attack was led by admins of the Facebook page “Citizens Against Single Gateway.” The group launched the action as a protest to the Computer Crime Act amendment which was approved by the National Legislative Assembly last week. They encouraged fellow netizens to join the “DDoS attack” by visiting and repeatedly refreshing targeted websites at a designated time by pressing F5, causing the sites to crash.

The websites attacked included the government’s official website, the Prime Minister’s office website, the National Security Council’s website, and the Ministry of Defence’s website.

Ministry of Defence Spokesman Maj.Gen. Kongcheep Tantravanich told Matichon that there was an attempt to attack the ministry’s website, but confirmed that the website was secure and the netizens did not succeed. He begged the group responsible to stop the attack, for Thai people should not attack each other or destroy their own country.

“For the people from the foreign websites who also took part in the attack, I also would like to ask them to stop. Causing damage to government sectors is wrong,” said the spokesman.




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