Ladies engage in catfight on Bangkok highway (VIDEO)

Footage of two women leaving their cars to get into a fight on Baromrajchonnee highway in Bangkok on Friday morning was posted online and has nearly 400K views.

Among those engaged in the online discussion was a user who claimed to be one of the women in the video, and she told people on the social network exactly what happened.

“The truth is, the bronze car tried to cut in front of me to take another route to Taling Chan district, but she didn’t give me a turn signal,” the woman wrote.

“At that point, I could not stop my car in time to let her pass. So, I continued driving and she approached my car, lowered the window and threw a glass bottle at me, so I had to stop my car to take a look at it.”

The woman says she only defended herself as her opponent was a female police officer.

“After I got out the car, she just came toward me and attacked me.”

The user added the police officer slapped her with a shoe across the head, and their quarrel ended at a police station where both women were fined.

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One thought on “Ladies engage in catfight on Bangkok highway (VIDEO)

  1. I'm glad there are plenty of railings to prevent the cars from dropping off this road.

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