Judge throwing tantrum over ticket ‘mentally ill’, will be investigated, says Thai court

The judge who had an epic temper tantrum over getting a parking ticket is mentally ill, says a Thai court.

Chidchanok Paensuwan, 45, has been identified as the woman in a recent viral video having a meltdown over receiving a ticket for parking in a prohibited area.

But she has been diagnosed with an unspcified mental illness and did not take her medication before the incident at the Department of Land Transport, Court of Justice spokesman Suebpong Sripongkul said.

The video shows Chidchanok stomping around in anger, throwing a water bottle and yelling at bystanders after she got a parking ticket.

“Point your camera here,” she calls to the cameraman, shoving her ID card in front of the camera. “Fucking remember that I am your boss!”



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Chidchanok made headlines in October 2012 after she was arrested for parking in the middle of Paholyothin Road, blocking two traffic lanes.

And in July 2013 she famously threw a lunchbox at the car of then police commissioner Kamronwit Thoopkrachang.



Despite receiving a suspended jail term over the lunchbox incident, Chidchanok still kept her formal position as a judge, Khaosod English reported.

Suebpong said the judge had been moved to an inactive post and no longer presides over trials.

An investigation over the parking ticket incident will be launched, the spokesman said, and if the panel determines Chidchanok is no longer capable of working as a judge, she will be removed from her position.

Editor’s Note: The earlier report of this story identified Chidchanok as an “ex-judge.” It has since come to our attention that she is still qualified as a judge despite being transferred to do secretarial work.​


Judge throwing tantrum over ticket ‘mentally ill’, will be investigated, says Thai court

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