Instagram Ads: How much do the stars get paid?

It’s no secret that Instagram is a massive hit in Thailand. It seems like every Thai with a smartphone shares pictures on the social network while following their friends’ and favorite celebrities’ every post. But did you know that it’s also an up-and-coming advertising tool?

Increasingly Instagram stars are being utilized by companies as “seeders” to sponsor their products. These trendsetters are given a set posting date and instructions of how the image should turn out.

Unbeknownst to the user, pictures of your celebrity girl crush might not be entirely genuine. Baked into many seemingly casual photos are very crafted convert ads for upscale items like designer clothes or hand bags.

The standard rate for these ads tends to be ten percent of the star’s followers converted into Baht. For example, a celebrity with 500k followers can net THB50,000 with just a snap!

To the uninitiated understanding which photos are and are not ads can be difficult, but if you know how to look for them, there’s a few tricks to help you spot the scams from the serendipity.

  1. @ (at sign) – The most obvious way to spot an advertisement material. If the caption includes @ with a direct link to the account of a potential brand or shop. It is definitely the beauty of marketing.

  1. # (hash tag) – The more subtle way to state a label. Sometimes marketers just want to be mysterious for a chance and let their consumers do some research. Simply type a # followed by the stated brand name, you will discover the society of product seeders in no time.

  2. The word “Thanks” – Doesn’t simply mean your idol has something to be thankful for this year. If a sentence such as “Thanks ____ for the lovely scarf!” comes into presence. It should come as no surprise that the post is sponsored.

With the continuous popularity of Instagram, the seeding of luxury items will only increase. My advice would be to “go for a different look.” Just wear anything extremely off-trend and be creative. Who knows, your unique style might have you end up with one million followers. And when that actually happens you are more than welcome to try your best to say no to the $.

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