Hungarian tourist shows deep love for Chiang Mai by stealing anything not nailed down

Chiang Mai cops arrested a Hungarian man accused of stealing things all over the northern city.

The supposed thief, Hungarian Attila Kantor, 44, explained to the police that he deeply loves their city — so much so that he has spent all of his money there and has had to begun stealing to be able to stay in the place that he adores. He has been making his living by selling what he steals.  

Yesterday, his luck finally turned when he was caught after pocketing an iPhone 6 from the Nid Noi Mobile store on Prasingh Road downtown Chiang Mai, according to Daily News.

He went into the store pretending to want to buy a phone but instead grabbed it and escaped on his Honda Click motorbike. Police followed him using CCTV and caught up to him when he got into an accident with another person, who got injured.

He was then taken into police custody.

Chiang Mai cops revealed that Attila has been responsible for renting motorbikes and selling them rather than returning them. He has also been eating meals around the city and leaving on his bike without paying.

He will be charged with theft.

Oh, the things that love will do to you.


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