Hong Kong star denies he was washing the Thai ladyboy out of his mouth

Fans of a Thai ladyboy are upset at Hong Kong star Nick Cheung after a behind-the-scenes video from the movie “The White Storm” was released to the public, which got our attention because it involved our favorite, Treechada “Poyd” Petcharat.

The video highlights stop at one particular scene in which Cheung has to share a passionate lip lock with the Poyd. At the one-minute mark, just after the director says cut, everyone applauds, and the ladyboy smiles in embarrassment. The Hong Kong star however couldn’t wait to grab a water bottle and immediately rinse his mouth after the passionate scene was over.

However, Cheung has revealed he did not mind the transgendered star, and rinsing happens to be his usual routine after any love scene.

To prove the Thai ladyboy’s hotness, Nick added he had to crawl into his porn stash after shooting the scene to get his sexuality back on track, Voice TV reported.

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