Hazing Photos: Ramkhamhaeng students respond it was all fun and games

Student group “Langsuan,” of Ramkhamhaeng University, insisted there was neither abuse or violence in their freshman initiation activity after their unquestionable photos were shared and heavily criticized on Facebook.

Pathiparn Meepian, 21 and the group’s president, told the press yesterday that the objective of the freshman orientation was to teach the new students a lesson about endurance and unity.

“If you were there, you’d know it [the activity] wasn’t as cruel as it looks in the pictures. I think it’s not violence. Well, you can say I’m selfish, but all the freshmen who agreed to go knew what was gonna happen,” Pathiparn said. “I don’t think too much about people who don’t know the truth.”

He added that the liquid in the booze bottles in the pictures wasn’t actually booze, but green tea.  

The photos of Ramkhamhaeng freshmen crying, making out, rolling around in the sand, and brushing their teeth with chili paste have sparked criticism among Thais who disagree with the hazing ritual — a tradition most universities have adopted.

Some believe that the youths participate in these activities because they fear they will be banned from their circle of friends if they don’t.

Meanwhile, the freshman who was photographed sitting in the trashcan, said he was just having fun with his friends, and the seniors did not force him to go into the trash.

Another girl who was seen crying in one photo said she only “pretended to cry” and it was just all fun and games.

“We were just joking within our group. I feel bad for my seniors. I don’t like that they were scolded [by the public.]”

“People say I’m trying to ‘wipe their shit’, but they didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just saying what I think.”

They freshmen’s names were not mentioned.

Nevertheless, the university said it will punish the students responsible for the activities. Punishments can range from a verbal disciplinary to suspension and expulsion, Morning News reported.


Ramkhamhaeng University to investigate viral photos of disgraceful freshmen initiation


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