Grand Theft Pedicab: Drunk Chinese tourist steals bicycle rickshaw in Chiang Rai

A Chinese tourist will be deported from Chiang Rai for stealing a pedicab today from a local’s home because he was drunk and wanted to go sightseeing.

The most recent in a string of reports of visitors from China behaving badly in Thailand, Wang Sen, 31, was detained by police this morning after a witness saw him pedaling a pedicab reported stolen by its owner yesterday.

Chinese tourists again!” was how local media succinctly headlined it.

Wang Sen was spotted a member of the “Pedicab Taxi Association” who helped police quickly track him down, whereupon they discovered he was a tourist and had lost the pedicab somewhere.

Police gathered a Chinese translator and found out Wang Sen did not have a passport and was only carrying a Thailand travel guide. Police said he seemed intoxicated at the time of arrest.

The Chinese man told police he wanted to go sightseeing around Chiang Rai, and when he saw a pedicab left unattended, he took it. After breaking the bicycle’s chain, he just left it behind, according to police.

Wang Sen added he did not think “it would be a big deal,” as police explained to him that his actions constitute a crime known colloquially as “theft.”

For his joyride, he’ll be sent to immigration police for deportation, Matichon reported.

Photo: Teenee Mochit


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