‘Gossip Girl’ lakorn to debut next month and it already looks silly (TEASER)

This is one secret you’re free to tell.

Kantana Motion Pictures has revealed the teaser and faces of characters featured in the Thai adaptation of the hit American TV series Gossip Girl, as well as their “hiso” back story, as it hits the small screen next month.


Set in Sathorn and Silom, Beatrice “Blair” Waranon, the queen bee of Constance Billard High School, is not thrilled with the return of her former best friend Sirinya “Serena” Wijitranukul who left Bangkok for a year without saying goodbye. Gossip Girl, the popular Facebook and Kakao Talk account, is in town to spread scandals of their perfect life.

Kakao Talk … seriously?

It all started when Blair found out Serena slept with her boyfriend Nithi “Nate” Achirawat, who is the son of politician Songpol Achirawat. Distraught Blair, who found out Nate’s family only wants to use their relationship for a business connection with her mother, decided to lose her virginity to local playboy Jak Benjakij.

Yes, Chuck Bass becomes Jak Benjakij.

As promo posters and their Thai names spread out, most Thai fans don’t believe the Kantana’s version will ever come close to the original, especially when Chuck adopts a name like … Jak.

Gossip Girl texted us she will launch the first episode on July 2, 11:30pm on Channel 3. Here are the faces of all characters and their Thai names.

Blair Waldorf = Beatrice “Blair” Waranon


Serena van der Woodsen = Sarinya “Serena” van der Woodsen Wijitranukul

Nate Archibald = Nithi “Nate” Achirawat

Chuck Bass = Jak Benjakij

Dan Humphrey = Dan Chanaseri

Jenny Humphrey = Jenny Chanaseri

Vanessa = Sa




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