Former politico Newin Chidchob unmasked in Ducati biker gang

A former politician of twisting political allegiance famous for bringing home the bacon to the fine people of Buriram was fined this morning for riding his Ducati in a prohibited lane in northern Bangkok with five biker friends.

Citizens’ complaints that a group of moto dudes were honking and annoying the hell out of Pathum Thanites led Khlong Luang police to stop the bike gang and discover none other than Newin Chidchob at the head of the gang, living as large as ever.

They fined them THB400 for riding in a prohibited lane on Paholyothin Road, Thairath reported.

Newin and friends were heading home to Buriram province, home of the Buriram United Football Club’s New I-Mobile Stadium, better known as the Thunder Castle, and also known as Sanam Newin. (He owns it.)

His wife Karuna Chidchob proudly posted a snapshot of her husband getting stopped by police on the Buriram United Facebook page this afternoon, expressing admiration for the officers who dared to arrest her big boy.

“Newin and friends were disciplined about the traffic law, and he had to pay the fine at the police station,” Karuna wrote. “This proves the law is sacred, and the police are serious about their duty. Newin Chidchob is just another citizen. He should be punished if he’s guilty, whether he has a big or small or tiny connection. Thanks police!”

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