Fireball: The most exciting thing to ever happen on Monday night (VIDEOS)

Officials said the mysterious bright light that fell from the sky last night was just a harmless fireball, while a celebrity fortune teller predicted doomsday, again.

Photos and videos of the fireball, described by some as green, spread on social media last night as several provinces in the Central, North and Isaan witnessed the exciting object in the sky.

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) today identified the object as a fireball, adding the green color suggested it was composed of chromium. Many things in the universe can cause this phenomenon. It could have been something that broke away from a small planet or a satellite. Either ways it was completely harmless.

NARIT encouraged citizens to submit photos and videos to the organization for further study.

Meanwhile, another “expert” said the natural phenomenon was a sign that doomsday is imminent, again.

Thailand’s Nostradamus Sorajja Nualyoo said the fireball is a bad omen. He said it signals a natural disaster or conflicts between people.

Sorajja said a falling star brings bad luck. He advised everyone to stay calm, watch out for political conflicts and make merits, according to Khaosod.

Whatever you say, buddy.


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