Farang protests against ‘Thai girls trying to be farang’ at Central Ladprao

In a move to express his disapproval of Thai women who “follow farang fashion”, an unidentified foreign man shared his opinion by standing in front of a shopping mall yesterday with a sign suggesting how embarrassing Thai women have become.

This interesting photo was shared by Twitter user @KBoondham who claimed he saw the foreigner holding a one-man protest yesterday around 5pm in front of Central Ladprao.

“Thai women, they have lost all their power. They left themselves behind to follow farang fashion. They’ve turned into farang clones. How embarrassing! Let’s bring back the true beauty of Thai women,” the sign read.

The sign also had a long list of requests for Thai women out there. (Ladies, this would be a good time to get a notepad.)

“PLEASE STOP: Coloring your hair to look like farang, getting a pointy witch nose job, changing your faces with surgery to look like farang, whitening your skin to achieve the look of blood cancer and having a skeleton-like body.”

Basically, the man doesn’t want Thai women to look Caucasian. (Now write it down in your notepad.)

“It’s not natural. It’s fake and very ugly. If no one is going to express their sorrow at the loss of Thai women, I will, with my sorry heart, because I love you. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than genuine Thai women. I’m sorry I had to come and protest.”

One comment on Twitter about the one-man protest said what everyone in the country knows.

“So I guess this farang guy doesn’t understand that those Thai girls actually try to follow Korean fashion? ” User Ae Hemming’s words received one retweet just for its pure wisdom  — something that never happens on Twitter.

Some comments suggested that this stunt could have been a viral marketing ploy, but if it was real, women had to listen to another solid, wise voice pointing out how they should look yesterday.

The unidentified man was so sure of his opinion that he had to share it with the public, but it will certainly be ignored by some, since women are told how they should and should not look every day by the media and so-called role models.

This protest screamed “Imperfection is perfect”, yet it could be confirmation that decisions women make when it comes to their bodies are not respected and will always be judged, whether those decisions are made to “follow farang trend” or simply to achieve a personal identity.

All we have to do now is wait for this photo to reach Pantip.

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