Farang fords flood waters like boss (PHOTOS)

Thai netizens today were sufficiently impressed with a dude who learned to thrive and survive in Thailand without soiling his fancy suit or shoes in the flood water.

After last night’s STORMAGEDDON left Bangkok soaked and flooded, many residents were forced to either swim, walk under water or launch a boat from their soi this morning.

This foreigner was photographed up Soi Sukhumvit 21 just off Asok Montri Road adapting two traffic barriers into mobile pontoons he put some muscle into lifting and moving while keeping his balance, all just to keep his feet dry.

“5555555,” everyone commented.

The photos were shared about a thousand by times this afternoon just because this was considered a big improvement over the usual approach of just sealing one’s feet in thin trash bags and hoping for the best.

Photos: Teerapol Suksalee

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