An elephant humped his car and Mercedes driver couldn’t be happier

Next time you see Samchai Senawat driving around in his Mercedes, go ahead and ask him where the penis landed – he’ll happily point it out.

One of several motorists to survive vehicular assault by a horny, enraged elephant at Khao Yai National Park on Saturday, Samchai believes the incident has brought great fortune to him and his wife.

“His trunk was on the roof; front legs on windshield,”  Samchai recounted. “And what the hell is this?” he said of the enormous penis flopping around before his eyes. “It looked like an arm and wiggled around.”

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The 61-year-old was driving through Khao Yai National Park with his wife to go camping after visiting their monk son at a Prachinburi temple.

Samchai said he first saw the elephant from afar before two cars in front of him peeled off, leaving his Mercedes facing the elephant.

“The elephant was horny,” Samchai said. “He thought my car was a female and he came onto it. His penis wiggled around the front hood. I was shocked!”

The elephant then pooped on the right headlight before turning away to a Toyota Vios nearby, which also got stomped.

Samchai proceeded to point out the spot where the elephant’s penis touched his car to reporters.

The couple believes the incident would bring them luck and blessing as elephants are “large animals.” Many friends of Samchai have offered to buy the Mercedes’ license plate and front hood, but he said he would not sell them.

For extra blessing, Samchai would wait until Jan. 16, the Teacher’s Day, to wash the car, which is slightly damaged and stained with the elephant’s feces, Morning News reported.


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