Duel: Maniac truck driver unleashes fury on the road (VIDEO)

There are bad and aggressive drivers everywhere, but it seems Thailand always finds it way to the top.

A video recently posted online shows a dangerous showdown as the driver of an 18-wheeler goes full road rage on a smaller truck on a stretch of Rama II road heading toward Samut Songkhram province.

In the news program segment, it seems obvious the unhappy driver’s mission to not allow the smaller truck to pass at any cost. The big truck maneuvers like a scene from Grand Theft Auto, swinging wildly from side-to-side.

The footage appears to have come from a video first posted on Facebook on Friday.  

In the end the 18-wheeler succeeds in driving the small truck off the road. Luckily it seems no one was injured, as the small truck was pushed off at a relatively safe part of the road.

It is clear that in the video there was a lot of potential for the whole event to turn into a complete disaster. It’s unclear what brought on this case of road vengeance, but someone definitely needs some anger management therapy.

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