Drunk son murders elderly father for not preparing pork soup fast enough

A man who lived in Buriram stabbed his father to death with a kitchen knife at their home for not preparing pork fast enough.

Sakdinon, 36, stabbed his dad, Ngoh, 65, in the back ten times on Thursday before leaving him for dead and going outside to lay in a hammock.

When police arrived at the home in Baan Nong Jik, they found the son covered in blood and still clutching the knife in the hammock, though he appeared calm, reported Sanook.

Police took him to the nearby station for questioning.

According to his mom Pa, 66, Sakdinon had gone out to buy two bottles of Lao Khao and some pork bones earlier in the day. His dad offered to make pork bone soup for him to chase down the liquor while the son drank the first bottle. When he later returned to the kitchen for the soup, his dad informed him that the food was not yet ready.

This made Sakdinon so angry that he stabbed his father to death.

His mother tried to stop the attack, but she could not. She ran to the neighboring house for help but, when she returned, her husband was dead.

She explained to police that her son had a history with drug use and had also been in the army. When he returned from the service, he was depressed and strange and was on medication for his condition.

Sakdinon has been accused of patricide and is in custody in Buriram’s Nang Rong Prison.

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