Drunk cop drinks because he is sad, wife says

The wife of a traffic police officer who admitted to being drunk on duty begged the public to feel sorry for her husband, who started drinking because of their daughter’s sickness.

Siriorn Wongchai, 33, wife of drunk cop Jakkawarn Wongchai, 51, answered the door to reporters yesterday who clogged their police flat after a video of her husband, who was on duty drunk, was talk of the town.

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Siriorn, who has lived with her cop husband for 17 years and has three children, said her husband has just started drinking when their youngest daughter, 5, was recently diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

Facing monthly hospital bills, Siriorn said her husband is stressed because he is the only person providing for the family.

Also, his drunk walk in the video wasn’t a drunk walk, but more of a “painful back walk.”

“He walks like a drunk person because he’s suffering from spinal inflammatory disorders,” his wife said. “He can’t straighten his back. It’s very painful for him.”

Siriporn added Jakkawarn likes to drink, but never in front of his family. The viral video has affected their family so much that their children refused to go to school because they were afraid of being mocked by their peers, Thairath reported.

“Please use your judgement carefully and think about why the person who took the video was stopped on the road. Don’t just try to find fault with police,” she said.


‘Drunk’ cop on duty identified

Bangkok cop drunk ‘nid noi’ on duty (VIDEO)


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