Drugs, phones airdropped by ‘drone’ into prison

Thailand’s drug smugglers, the same inventive people behind amphetamine-filled catfood, meatballs, shoes and tampons have seized on the latest fad for innovation.

A remote-operated drone with a mounted camera dropped yaba and some mobile phones into a prison in Khon Kaen province yesterday.

The helicopter soared over the prison walls and dropped its illicit cargo near a bathroom area, according to provincial governor Somsak Suwannajarit.

Inside the box were the four kilograms of speed, three mobile phones, some SIM cards, battery chargers and shanks.

Authorities say sensors designed to detect radio transmissions near the prison picked up the drone’s signal.

The air drop probably missed its mark, said prison commander Withichai Jenwiriyakul, who added that it was probably the same aircraft which dropped phones into the prison in January. One phone can sell for THB100,000 inside the jail, he said.

A search discovered the helicopter about 150 meters from the prison but no suspects were found. Officials estimate the helicopter’s cost to be upward of THB1 million, Bangkok Post reported.

Photo: Steve Winton


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