Doraemon adopted for ritual cat-splashing to bring rain

With the drought getting worse, locals are putting a new twist on an ancient rain ritual to respect Thailand’s recently passed animal rights law.

Instead of splashing water on caged cats, whose screams will bring wet times, the villagers of Wang Luang in Phrae province had a bright idea and simply swapped the kitties with stuffed animals to avoid the animal abuse.

Specifically, yesterday’s Cat Parade featured none other than Japanese time-traveling robot cat “Doraemon,” beloved by children everywhere.

The Doraemons stood in for the regular female cats who are caged and paraded around the village. When the cats pass someone’s house, the residents have to splash water on the poor kitties.


Video of a 2013 Cat Parade in Ang Thong province

It’s believed cats represent the drought, and splashing them means evicting the drought. It’s said the sound of a splashed cat is crucial to this, so it’s unclear how the dolls will work.

Based on some research, it makes complete sense. Here’s the logic:

  1. Cat hates water

  2. Cat screams when cat gets wet

  3. So if you splash a cat to make it scream

  4. Wet will happen

There are also some obligations for the public:

  1. Everyone in the parade must sing or dance

  2. If they do not, the cats will get mad.

  3. If the cats are not happy before splashing: NO RAIN!

It was uncertain whether it was the power of the ritual or just the magic of Doraemon, but right after the parade finished, a Channel 3 reporter insisted the sky filled with rainclouds.

Thanks Doraemon, you saved the day again!

Photos: Channel 3 News


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