China doubles rent for Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui

China has agreed to extend its loan of Chiang Mai Zoo stars Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui another 10 years. The only catch? It’s gonna cost double.

Under the proposed contract, the annual rent for the popular pandas will increase from THB15 million to THB30 million, a price the zoo’s director believes is worth the price.

“The pandas help promote tourism in Chiang Mai and the north of Thailand,” Director Karnchai Saenwong said. “The zoo used to generate THB80 million per year, but after the pandas, we gain approximately THB130 million a year.”

Researchers will also benefit from the panda’s ongoing residency, most of all, the children can learn to love wildlife and nature from seeing the captive pandas, the director added.

The contract will be submitted to the Ministry of National Resources and Environment and the junta for consideration and will likely be signed in October, Thai PBS reported.

Photo: Chiang Mai Panda Fanpage


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