Ceremony planned to thank evil spirits at Suvarnabhumi

The managing director of Thai Aiways, Sorajak Kasemsuvan, has said that his company will conduct a major ceremony to appease the malevolent spirits said to be haunting Suvarnabhumi airport. The ceremony will thank the spirits for assisting with the successful operation to salvage the Thai Airways plane from the runway.

A ghost in traditional costume was rumored to have helped evacuate the passengers from the aircraft shortly after it slid off the runway, and former director of Airports Authority of Thailand (AOT) Chotisak Asapaviriya said that he used to organise a regular prayer session to appease the vengeful spirits at Suvarnabhumi airport.

At the ceremony to open the airport in 2006, Chotisak said an official in charge of searching for explosive materials went into a trance believing that he was being possessed by a “grandfather ghost” who demanded a shrine be built at the airport, which it quickly was.

Eight shrines have been built around Suvarnabhumi to ward off evil spirits, such as a shrine dedicated to the Naga, reported Khaosod.

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