Cat family rescued after being stuffed in canvas bag, dumped on road to die

A mom cat and her four adorable kittens were saved by local rescue volunteers after they were cruelly stuffed into a fertilizer bag and dumped in the middle of a road to die in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Facebook page “Pet Rescue Nakhon Ratchasima” posted photos of the rescued kitties that were found in the middle of Bypass Road on Friday night.

“Judging from their action, the perpetrator probably wanted the cats to die,” the page’s admin wrote.

Luckily, someone reported the mysterious bag to the rescue volunteers, and just like that, all of their 45 lives were saved.

No, there weren’t 45 cats in the bag but, if each cat has nine lives…

A local woman has reportedly adopted all the cats, so the family can stay together in their new home in Muang district.

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