Burning Man: Buriram dude torches wife’s home because no sex

Rejecting sex may be a path to divorce for some couples, but one Buriram woman’s shutdown of sexy time led to arson charges after her husband burned her home down.

Narongcharn Paksarum was arrested yesterday in the eastern province’s Satuek district for suspected arson of his mother-in-law’s home, which was all but destroyed in a fire after police said the meth-pounding 33-year-old torched the place after he was denied sex.

Capt. Sura Srijinda of Buriram’s Satuek Police said Narongcharn, wearing nothing but a towel, prevented neighbors from extinguishing the blaze before fleeing the scene on a motorbike. The officer said that when they brought him in, he was still in a slippery mental state from sliding on too much ice.

Narongcharn told the cops that he was determined to sleep with his wife Sunday night when he set out – wearing nothing but the towel – on the 20-kilometer drive from his home to hers. After she flatly refused him, the Green Monster took hold and he feared she was cheating on him, so – police said – he asked to see her vagina. 

Ratchaneekorn said she grew fearful given that he was out of his mind on uppers, so she told the towel-clad man to take a shower, after which she fled with their 9-year-old child.

Thus fooled, he got so angry that he threw a kitchen stove lighter onto a mattress.

Ratchaneekorn, 30, insists they had a normal sex life and only lived in different houses because of his work tapping rubber. 

She said she was calling it quits with him now as she’s afraid that Narongcharn – who failed out of rehab – would pull the same shit again. She said it was just last year that he burned his own parents’ home down while totally high, a crime no one reported to the police.

Narongcharn was charged with use of illicit narcotics and arson.

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