Buffalo-croc mystery creature inspires devotion in Isaan (VIDEO)

A deformed dead buffalo baby with scaly skin and what looks like the head of a crocodile is the new good-luck charm for locals in an Isaan province.

Residents of Nong Done village, Sri Saket province, gathered at the home of Pan Chaonaphol on Sept. 24 with excitement after her buffalo gave birth to what looks like a half-buffalo-half-crocodile baby.

The creature, which died right after it was born, appears to have been born with the skin and head of a crocodile and a normal buffalo body.

However, some locals pointed out it might be a mix of a fictional dragon and the legendary Snake God “Naga.”

Holy shit!

“Its tail looks like the head of Naga, and it has scales like a dragon!” a villager said excitedly.

The villagers, of course, put powder all over the creature to search for winning lottery numbers.

They also paid their respects to the creature with candles and joss sticks believing it will bring luck to the village, Matichon reported.

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