Bangkok’s next governor can English like a Chad (Video)

As governor of Asia’s 12th largest city and the nation’s capital, Chadchart Sittipunt may from time to time be expected to communicate with the non-Thai-speaking world. Much like the nation’s prime minister, who just returned from Washington for a summit convened by U.S. President Joe Biden where it’s safe to say he spoke no more than a dozen words in English. Badly.

Thus it came as some relief when Governor-Elect Chadchart Sittipunt not only understood questions thrown at him in English following his historic, landslide win in Sunday’s election, but responded in kind.

Up first was CNA reporter May Wong, who asked Chadchart what his win in the first gubernatorial election in nine years spelled for democracy’s prospects.

Wong: If you can tell me, what does your win mean for Bangkok as well as for the larger country in terms of national political landscape? Thank you.

Chadchart: I think it shows you the power of democracy, and we have to listen to the will of people. If you look at the general election, right, they have senators who get involved with the prime minister. So that’s not true democratic. But if you look at the Bangkok governor, the governor is elected directly by the people. So I think that’s the true democracy. 

He even translated her question and his response into Thai for the benefit of all those listening.

Next up was another CNA reporter and COVID hotline operator, Saksith Saiyasombut, who spoke for all farang:

Saksith: Khun Chadchart, there are also many foreign residents here in Bangkok – many that are not Thai – what can they expect from you?

Chadchart: Just read my policies. We have an English version, and they can comment on it. They’re all equal. Whether you’re a foreigner or Thai, we try to improve your quality of life. 

If he keeps working hard, he may be able to hold a candle to Prayuth, who, as junta chief, once addressed an Australian reporter in her native language to explain why democracy was as ill-fitting for Thailand as his shirt.

“Thailand is a … look like a shirt, and the button the button … like this,” he elucidated. “The wrong, maybe … Thailand not only this, but maybe shirt and trousers.”

About a year after he staged a coup d’etat to seize power from the elected government, he wowed a group of Dutch tourists in Hua Hin thusly:

“Piss full! Come, come … Thailand .. more than … all of the Holland!”


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