Bangkok dad shows off baby driver on Facebook

A father who flaunted his 9-year-old son’s driving skill online has been summoned by traffic police.

Facebook user Yakumi Kung, who is known for posting photos of his baby driving home on Bangkok’s Phet Kasem Road, could face a small fine for letting a child operate a vehicle and being a stupid parent.

“My temporary driver,” Yakumi wrote in a caption for photos posted Sunday. “The regular guy is on vacation. On Phet Kasem road. I’m praying as I’m sitting here,”

Maybe he wouldn’t have had to pray if he hadn’t put his life and those of others in the hands of a 9-year-old.

Traffic police official Facebook page posted a screenshot of his post last night with a succinct message.

“Come turn yourself in, Ya,” the page wrote.

Yakumi responded by shutting down his Facebook page, but based on a similar case of a father letting his 9-year-old daughter drive to school in Surat Thani last year, Yakumi will probably have to pay a few thousand baht if he’s caught.

The dad in Surat Thani famously claimed he just “forgot to think” when putting his baby behind wheel.

“This is a big city. Why don’t you find an empty field if you want your kid to drive? Your fucking resulted in this [child], so raise it well,” reads the top comment on the his photos.

Photo: Traffic Police


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