Bangkok cop drunk ‘nid noi’ on duty (VIDEO)

A video capturing a Bangkok cop admitting he was drunk on duty and confusing his walkie-talkie for a camera circulated online yesterday.

It wasn’t clear what led to the encounter, but the moment of drunken candor was said to take place on the Ramintra Expressway.

This is prety much how the conversation goes:

Motorist: “You’re a police officer. You’re on duty! Are you drunk?”

Cop: “Mao nid noi!”

Motorist: “Drunk on duty? Oh, the cars are totally gonna run over you to death!”

Cop: “Why the fuck are you filming me?!” (Takes a lame swipe at the camera)

Motorist: “I have the right to film you. The law says I can film you. You’re drunk!”

Then the cop just walks away.

Commander of traffic police Abhisit Muangkasem said yesterday he hasn’t seen the video but will investigate the matter. The drunk cop could face “disciplinary punishment,” according to Daily News.

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