Bangkok bus driver makes unscheduled stop to pick up exhausted stray dog on expressway (Video)

It was not a regular stop, nor was the boarding passenger human. Instead, it was an exhausted stray dog trapped in a dangerous place that boarded the No. 166 bus on a scorching-hot Bangkok day.

The bus made everyone’s tails wag with joy yesterday after it brought the whizzing traffic of the Si Rat Expressway to a halt by stopping, opening its door and picking up a dog stranded in the emergency lane under an unbearable 37C.

Bus conductor Noknoi Seedam said she asked all 10 passengers for their permission to welcome the dog aboard.

“All the passengers smiled at my request, and none of them complained about us picking up the dog,” Noknoi said. “When we opened the bus door and called the dog to get on, it did not even hesitate. It came up, laid down under a passenger seat without letting anybody touch it.”

She and driver Tuan Pratumtong said they had just passed the Victory Monument tollbooth when a bus ahead of them called in a warning not to accidentally hit a dog lying on the highway ahead. They decided to offer it a ride instead.

According to Noknoi, the dog got off at a bus service depot in Muang Thong Thani where the bus crew fed him with food and water.

Footage of the canine roadside assist, evidently caught by a traffic camera, drew praise for bus crew’s kindness.

It led to an even happier ending when a man contacted the bus operator to say the dog’s name was Cookie and had disappeared two days earlier from a nearby construction site. He offered to give the bus staff THB5,000 for rescuing Cookie, but they told him to donate it to animal rescue organizations instead.

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