Awww: Preschooler busted with cat in backpack (PHOTOS)

While most kids sneak in candy and other contraband to school, this kid went one better – and brought in his pet cat.

A teacher at an Ayutthaya kindergarten totally cracked up when she busted one of her students for bringing in his full-grown, fat cat to her class — stuffed in his Stitch backpack.

Photos of “Zen”, an animal-loving preschool boy, and his furry feline friend swept across social media on Tuesday after his teacher Rujirat Oonchareon shared photos of the funny incident at Pratuchai Kindergarten on Monday morning.

“At first I thought it was just a small kitten,” Rujirat wrote. “But the cat is huge and he put it in his school backpack. I was so shocked.”

Even funnier, Zen insisted the cat itself had wanted to come to kindergarten.

“The student said the cat wanted to study because it jumped into his backpack, so he just zipped it up. It was such a long distance from his home to kindergarten and the cat didn’t make any noise, and the school bus driver didn’t even know. Haha,” Rujirat added.

Judging from the photos, it looks like Zen’s classmates were entertained by the cute cat as well.


Photos: Rujirat Oonchareon

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