Apocalypse Quite Soon: ‘Female Nostradamus’ warns Bangkok’s doom is days away

Whether swallowed by the earth, crushed in rubble or burninated, many of us will die next week, if a Thai TV oracle is to be believed.

The teaser for Sunday’s episode of a Thai famous talk show has been heavily discussed online in recent days, as it includes a segment about a series of catastrophes which might hit Bangkok in the next few days.

Nature will soon take her revenge on the Thai capital, said Dr. Kanjira Kanjanaket, who is known as the “Thai female Nostradamus,” in a feature aired on Woody Talk, a nighttime talk show on MCOT.

According to the teaser, which has almost 200,00 views, the following disasters might strike Bangkok between Feb. 13 and 18:

1. A large sink hole (As if mother nature wants to get rid of humanity, she added)

2. An earthquake

3. Fire, caused by thunder

4. Collapsed buildings

5. Power outages in Nong Kham and Min Buri districts

It’s not the first time Kanjira has prophesied peril for the city. In 2005, she convinced some authorities to prepare for a Noah-esque deluge to hit the city, which turned out to be a relatively flood-free year.

Despite the Thais’ love of superstition and the show’s claims Kanjira predicted calamaties such as 9-11 and the 2004 tsunami, netizens feel skeptical towards the prophecy.

“Here we go again,” one commenter wrote. “When will an actual catastrophe happen?”

Maybe it’s less her prediction than the video’s dramatic production values satisfying that Thai passion for thrills. We figured it’s worth mentioning because If her prophecy comes true, we guess that’s pretty much the news of next week.

In addition to tuning her sixth sense into the future for 25 years, apparently Kanjira has Master’s degrees in biochemistry and human genetics from Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps Dr. Kanjira foresees earning a PhD in her future.

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