American expat aims to raise funds to ‘recreate’ 9/11 in countryside

A delusional American expat living in Thailand has publicly announced a plan to finally get to the bottom of a 9/11 conspiracy theory – he just needs THB10 million to make it happen.

Over the years, speculation that the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington DC were fake has grown steadily amongst a certain type of armchair internet theorist. File these people somewhere between “Elvis Presley is alive” and “staged NASA moon landings.”

One 9/11 conspiracy theory postulates that the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers in New York defied Newton’s law of motion. Now, 15 years later, an American man believes he can end that debate once and for all here in Thailand.

Paul Salo, an American entrepreneur based in Asia, announced in a homemade video filmed in Bangkok that he wants to raise USD300,000 (THB10.5 million) to buy an airplane similar to the ones used in the World Trade Center attack and a building in a remote area to recreate 9/11 using auto-pilot.

And he’s very serious.

“Several people have estimated costs to recreate 9/11 and they usually are about USD3 million. We are trying to do it for 10 percent of that,” said Paul.

“I wanna fly that sucker in there and see what happens,” he said in the video. “We’re gonna prove it once and for all: Was 9/11 a hoax or was it real?”

Paul, who grew up in San Clemente, California, told Coconuts his project will be a scientific experiment to see what actually happens to a building when a plane crashes into it.

He decided to go-ahead with the project after some of his close friends raised doubts over the way the buildings collapsed after the September 11 attack.

My goal is the recreate the physics and let the chips fall where they may. I’m expecting similar results to what we saw on 9/11. However, whatever we discover is what will be recorded,” Paul told Coconuts.

The 51-year-old businessman said his team will have cameras streaming real-time footage from inside the airplane and building. He will also have experts inspect the building and aircraft to make sure the re-enactment is as close to the real event as possible.

Paul said he has been in touch with the Thai military about an aircraft deal, but nothing has been decided. He said he’s willing to do the experiment wherever he can, hopefully by the end of the year.

“Thailand is where I’m starting my quest, but very likely, we will end up getting an aircraft from one part of the world and a building in another,” he said.

But why the hell would anyone fund a project to fly a plane into a building, led by someone with no background in science? Paul said the feedback to his video has been incredible.

“I really want to make something everyone in the world will want to watch. Don’t you want to see a plane hitting a building at 500 MPH and proving or casting doubt on of the most important events of our lifetime? Sure you do!”

Paul is currently working on setting up a crowdfunding page for the project.

“If we miss the building, obviously, that sucks, but we’re gonna buy another plane and do it again!” he says in the video.

And as people who might be upset by this experiment? “I’m not worried at all. We deserve to find out what happened.”

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