After 11 deaths, villagers give up the idea of moving spirit house from the middle of the road

After two fatal accidents and nine mysterious deaths, the villagers of Baan Nong Kung in Udon Thani would rather drive around a spirit house in the middle of the road than move it and risk doom themselves.

The spirit house is ridiculously placed on the main road of the village, decorated with elephant and horse sculptures. Some people have also bestowed it with Lao Khao and red fanta.

Village Headman Tongsa Chartpangta, 45, explained that the spirit house was set up in 1932 on the dirt road, the same year that the village was founded. Back then, people evacuated from another village and built their homes in Baan Nong Kung to escape cholera.

The seniors in the village told him that, 10 years ago, when officials were turning their dirt road into a concrete one, there was a debate about whether they should move the spirit house.

One man offended the spirit house and mocked it. On his way home, he was run over by a ten-wheeler and became the first death.

During the construction of the paved road, a worker also offended the spirit house right before he was run over by a tractor. After that, no one dared to speak ill of or attempt to move the spirit house.

Last year, villagers did things that were against tradition, including killing a large animal and holding a funeral for a person who suffered a violent death at their home. Soon after, nine other people died mysteriously, sending the entire village into a panic.

Tongsa said the spirit house is revered by the villagers. Whenever local youths have exams or job interviews, they pray at the spirit house for blessing.

When Tongsa was appointed as headman, he created a new rule that prevented people from offending the spirit house. Ever since, the villagers have lived happily and no one has died, Sanook reported.

Photos: Udon Today News

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